Sweet To The Soul FAITH is a magazine/journal for Women Inspiring Generations for the Kingdom of God. Each full color issue is centralized around a theme with specific focus on three Biblical topics.  Each issue inspires and challenges the reader to answer the call placed on today's Christian women to be Kingdom influencers within their families and communities. 

The Grace Journal

The Grace Journal

Forgiven  -  Hope  -  Testify

In this Spring issue of Sweet To The Soul FAITH, we will explore what we believe about Jesus by looking at the names he is given in Isaiah; we will study what Scripture teaches us about the attributes of God; and we will talk about worship in a new way which moves us beyond music to understanding that all we say and do is a worship offering to our Heavenly Father.

Welcome to issue 4 : GRACE

. . . 140 full color pages of faith based inspiration. Filled with articles, devotionals, recipes, Bible Art Journaling, creative resources and more!

"Just got my first issue of FAITH. I absolutely love it!
Truly, it is the Christian women's magazine I have been longing for!"

- Patti [ The Inspire Journal ]

"My heart overflows, I absolutely love this magazine! It talks about everything I feel called to do but never knew how to put it into words."

- anon [ The Inspire Journal ]

"It makes for a sweet oasis for me to grab a few minutes throughout my day to sit down and enjoy reading it as a reboot to get reconnected with what is most important, my spiritual walk with Jesus!"

- goldtowngal [ The Inspire Journal ]

"I loved everything about this magazine, the photos, the articles, the way it drew me in. If you enjoy calming stories, and peaceful places, this is a good place to settle in for some soul rest."

- JaneA [ The Inspire Journal ]

"Magazine full of inspiration and thought provoking studies. It's not one you just flip through and read a couple of articles. This one to ponder over & use the articles as a starting point for more thorough study."

- CarlaJ [ The Inspire Journal ]

"This women's journal is beautiful and full of practical content for anyone who need encouragement in the faith."

- lovetoread [ The Inspire Journal ]

My hope for this journal has always been that it is much more than a magazine that just sits on your table. It is not meant to display and look pretty. It is meant to be lived with and loved on. To be written in and dog eared. To be a resource, not entertainment.

My prayer is that FAITH lives where you live, where you spend your time with God, where you go to rest and be restored. But even more than that, I pray you find God in the words and scriptures shared here and I pray that He speaks to your soul.

So welcome Soul Friends, welcome to Sweet To The Soul FAITH.

Let your soul be inspired.  Blessings, Jana


1. confidence or trust in a person or thing:
2. belief that is not based on proof:
3. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion:
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1 [ESV]
Faith drives action. True faith will drive our values, decisions and actions to align with our belief.

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